Wisers is excited to have won the information service tender bid to provide Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks (HKSTP). By joining our cutting-edge technology platform with the news content feeds of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), we are providing access to timely, relevant local and international news content across the entire HKSTP campus!

As always, Wisers can customize solutions based on our clients’ needs, and thus we are enhancing HKSTP information kiosks and multimedia displays with RTHK’s real-time news. Tenants at the Science Park can easily stay abreast of breaking news for HK, mainland China and overseas, conveniently while on campus. To keep everything running smoothly, our 24×7 delivery infrastructure and support systems will ensure high-quality service, with stable and reliable content feeds.

This breakthrough project is yet another real world example of great synergy between Wisers and our top-tier partners, marking a win-win cooperation that fully leverages each company’s unique edge, with RTHK providing quality news and Wisers providing cutting-edge technology.

“Today, property owners and tenants need to differentiate in the market to remain competitive, and one powerful way is to offer value-added information services,” said Ms Linda Chan, Senior Sales Director for Wisers. “However, it is extremely challenging, and sometimes impossible, for business managers to identify the right content sources and suitable technology vendors. Wisers can help save time and money by tailoring the best one-stop solution and sorting out technical details.”