Lately, Wisers was awarded “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Company 2012”, which best proves the market’s recognition of Wisers’ initiatives in promoting information technology over the years.

Wisers has been serving Hong Kong for 13 years. Our proprietary technology is capable of transforming vast information sources to a searchable and flexible database, in order to provide important news and information to businesses, governments and the academia. With over ten years of experience, Wisers continues to make efforts in product and service innovations to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions, assisting them in enhancing their competitiveness.

In 2011, Wisers achieved a breakthrough in technology by incorporating the “Federated search” technology into its products to enhance the effectiveness of information management as well as expand and strengthen our proprietary search technology, allowing the search platform to be capable of absorbing and supporting many different databases. This year, Wisers will continuously improve the current information platform and services, such as further increasing more diversified types of contents and providing advanced AI analytical functions that can deliver more accurate and reliable monitoring results. It will help our clients obtain the most comprehensive and practical market information with even greater ease.