As 2013 starts, Wisers forges business partnership with “Nikkei Telecom”, the market leader of business information database in Japanese world, to expand sales and marketing beyond Greater China.

“With our strong reputation as the world’s largest Greater China news aggregator, Wisers is the best partner for Nikkei Telecom,” said Linda Chan, Senior Director of Sales. “Our scalable and comprehensive database is unique when it comes to Greater China news and information, and while we enhance our partner’s portfolio of offerings, we also benefit from their knowledge and expertise to capture overseas opportunities.”

Nikkei Telecom, the widely adapted business information database for the business world in Japan, will represent Wisers in sales and marketing to the Japanese market, increasing the reach of WiseSearch to the Japanese World.

Press release:

Hong Kong Post – 25/1/2013
International Trade – 22/1/2013
月刊Global – 1/3/2013