Wisers’ Information Limited (Wisers) has been awarded the “Caring Company” logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for its contribution to the society, environment and employee care for consecutive 6 years.

Throughout the years, Wisers has made every effort of a corporate citizen to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility. Wisers always encourage its staff to participate in various charity activities like fund raisings and visiting activities. On 30th Septepmber, 2014, Wisers volunteer team visited the Precious Blood Children’s Village in Fanling to share their love and care to the misfortune children. Wisers staff are also enthusiastic in fund raising activities. They joined the “Dress Casual Day 2014” on 30th September, 2014 to raise fund for The Community Chest. On 28th January, 2015, the staff participated in the “Love Teeth Day 2014” to support the “Oral Health Services for the Needy” organized by The Community Chest and to promote the importance of mouth care. Moreover, Wisers staff took part in the “Skip Lunch Day 2015” on 20th March, 2015 to help the street sleepers and residents in cage homes and cubicles, and expressed their care and concern to the disadvantaged minorities in our society.

On the environmental side, Wisers has been playing as a role model to promote green office by using less paper. Wisers is dedicated to environmental protection by offering electronic information solution to corporates, academics and organizations, helping them to save paper and to build a green environment together.

Wisers cares about its staffs and is dedicated to provide employees with an excellent working environment, employee benefits, and personal development opportunities, to ensure the well-being of its staff.

The “Caring Company” scheme aims at building a cohesive society by promoting partnerships among business and social service partners and inspiring corporate social responsibility through caring for the community, employees and the environment. Being awarded for 6 consecutive years not only accredited Wisers’ contributions to the community and environment, and its care of the employees, but also affirmed Wisers’ commitment to build a cohesive, harmonious and caring society.