The “Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit” was held this year on 12th – 13th April.  This 2-days event brought together business leaders and innovators from the industry, sharing insights and experiences in the Big Data space.

Ms. Denise Che, CEO of Wisers, was invited as a speaker to share the big data journey of Wisers. Over the past 18 years, Wisers has been evolving with the media and technology trend, from print, to online websites, to blogs and forums, and to social media today, to find the most relevant business insights for customers.  “With the rate at which media content is being created and shared today, it is not about how big the data is, but how to integrate fragmented data across media, how to better understand relationships between data, discover the unknown, and achieve ultimate business value.” Said Ms. Che.

Denise illustrated possible applications of big data analytics with case studies.  One of the cases was how Wisers decoded the social and web content for a global automobile brand in China.  By applying vertical industry knowledge into linguistic data analysis, combining with Artifical Intelligence, Wisers was able to generate focused and accurate results, helping the client to discover new market insights, understand the real voice of consumers, and benchmark against their competitors.

Another case was about a financial institute, which leveraged on Wisers Financial News Monitoring Solution WiseSignal to monitor adverse media, stay on top of negative news across portfolios, assess risks and relationships.  Through WiseSignal, the institute discovered unexpected topics, and identified new business opportunities.

“With the data volume grew exponentially, the key is not about the data, but the value within the data… ” said Denise.  Abundant useful information is hidden under the big sea of data, the challenge is how to dig out the pearls from the seaWisers drives big data using AI from a linguistic and relationship perspective, transforms data into business intelligence for clients.

Lots of audience were impressed by Denise’s speech, and approached her for further communications afterwards.