The Seminar “Overcome Challenges and Embrace Opportunities on Social Media” has been held on 25th May, 2016 by Wisers Information Limited aiming to help its client learn strategies to grab the opportunities and face challenges on social media.

The seminar started with the first speaker, Ms. Ada Chow, Head of Sales at Wisers. Ms. Chow shared how to leverage social media insight for effective communications. Many of us use social media as a mean of advertising and promotion. Nevertheless, social media also provides huge amount of insight and intelligence to sharpen our marketing strategies and enhance communication efficiency. To obtain these hidden message in the sea of information, we need a comprehensive coverage with precise AI to filter out the useful data, and transform the data to intelligence with systematic analysis. Using linguistic AI technology, we can discover the relationship and connections between topics by analyzing the keywords. We can also unveil the hidden message inside the words by sentiment analysis. With precise AI technology, we can filter out gunners on social media to find out the true opinion and locate the real key opinion leaders (KOL). With all these technologies, we can obtain the real needs and expectations of our customer to sharpen our strategies.

The second speaker was Mr. Vincent Tsui – a well-known writer and social media marketer in Hong Kong. Mr. Tsui gave an inspiring lecture by sharing the skills on Facebook marketing and content creation. He described the user habit and explained the methodology of Facebook marketing. Using recent social hot topics, Mr. Tsui delivered the key recipe and tips for Facebook marketing strategy and content creation.

The seminar was a great success.  We hope we provided our audience with valuable insights and practical tips to help them accelerate social media strategies.