The seminar “Optimize your Content Strategy with Maximum Brand Engagement” was held on 28th April, 2017 by Wisers discussing the strategies and trends of content marketing to help our clients generate interactions and resonates with their target audience to succeed in the social media world.

▲ Over 100 seats were fully occupied.

The seminar was kicked off by Ms. Ada Chow, Head of Sales at Wisers sharing how we should go beyond likes, and shares. In today social media world, it is no longer meaningful simply having growth in number of followers, shares and comments. Ada demonstrated, with examples, the strategies to create a consistent brand attitude and voice, resonates with your prospective audience, to achieve communicate effectiveness.

▲ Ms. Ada Chow, Head of sales at Wisers.

Follow by Ms. Jayne Jiang, Social Media Research Manager at Wisers sharing how we turn big data to business intelligence. Social media is a sea of data. With big data analytics, we can derive strategies from social media data.

▲ Ms. Jayne Jiang, Social Media Research Manager at Wisers.

The seminar was then carried on by our guest speaker, Mr. Raymond Wong, founder of Madman Monologue (廣告狂人).  Raymond shared his idea on creating branded content on social media and how to initiate interactions with fans and target audiences. He also demonstrated, with cases, the pratical strategies to reach target audience with relevant and engaging content.

▲ Mr. Raymond Wong, founder of Madman Monologue

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