The second Wisers Big-Data research “From Social Buzz to Mainstream” has been published and shared in the roundtable sharing on 9th October, 2017 at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong. The research investigated the rationales and patterns of online news being picked and printed on traditional media. We also studied the characteristics of those specially hot news on internet to analyze the factors behind the news being picked.

The sharing was started by Ms. Wendy Hon, Editorial Manager at Wisers Information Limited. Ms. Hon illustrated the background and idea of this research and the difficulties we faced during the process. As Wendy mentioned, for this research, they needed to sort out a huge amount of data from a massive database. It would be extremely time and resource consuming, if not impossible, to be done by human. Luckily, with the support of in-house developed AI technologies by Wisers Research Lab, we were able to process and analysis the massive data accurately and effectively with minimal human effort.

▲Editorial Manager at Wisers Information Limited, Ms. Wendy Hon

The research studied the characteristics of online originated news from 6 dimensions, and investigated 100 online originated news for their properties and classification, to understand the reason behind online news being picked and printed on traditional media.

It was followed by Ms. Elizabeth Wong, a famous media specialist, for further analysis. She shared two of the hottest online originated news to diagnose the attribute of each of them. Ms. Wong also investigated the development timeline and footprint of the news to uncover the true pattern and reasons behind. Ms. Wong mentioned the importance to aware the online originated news, and the changes & challenges to PR activities under this new era.

▲ Media Specialist – Ms. Elizabeth Wong Kit-Wai

In this sharing forum, we studied the new ecosystem of the online news and the new challenges for PR & media. Nowadays, news are spreading so fast that it can be uncontrollable upon negativity outbreak. The two news mentioned in the report is just the 2 real cases. Social listening & negative alert mechanism is becoming more important in this new social media era.

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