Wisers Information Limited was invited to participate in the In2Summit 2017 Asia Pacific on 14th September 2017 at JW Marriott. Dr. Chao He, Research Director at Wisers, gave a fruitful speech during the event sharing the actual process to discover the real public opinion on social media using AI technologies.

There are millions of data flooding from social media, it will never be possible for human to go through every one of them. With the aid of AI, we will be able to identify the nature of those posts and reply. Aspect detection and image recognitions are two examples of technologies to aid this stage. With these technologies, we can easily identify the actual topic of the posts, further with sentiment analysis we can identify the status of the event.

Simply identifying the post is not enough to address any public opinion. According to Dr. He, the next step will be to relate the topics to find out what is being related. With the technology of critical event detection, we can locate the critical event related to a particular issue. Together with the knowledge graph technology of Wisers, we will be able to discover event landscape.

Having the understanding of the above, we need to drill down to understand what are the people actually talking about to obtain the public opinion. Although the above processes have already filtered out the relevant data, it is still massive for human. Here we could apply automatic opinion summarization technology to discover what people are actually saying. With this technology we will be able to categorize the nature of difference opinion and summarize the opinion into different topics for the real public opinion.

▲ Dr. Chao He, Research Director at Wisers Information Limited

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