As soon as short video emerged as a new media form, it won the hearts of users thanks to its high-quality content as well as the format that allows users to leave comments, click likes, and share with friends. In 2017, short video became all the rage, with its market scale reaching RMB 5.73 billion, up 183.9% year on year.

WisersAnalytics found that among the short video platforms, the new positioning of Meipai focusing on “knowledge” can better serve the needs of users, with the number of likes rising significantly by 103%. The time users spent on the platform is 2.3 times higher compared to in the past, when its focus was still on “entertainment”.

Which type of content drives engagement on MeipaiWisersAnalytics has been dedicated to helping brand value grow, allowing comprehensive brand marketing to be implemented to reach out to more consumers. It became a benchmark big data product to help brand communication in the new media era. WisersAnalytics extracts insights of the industry from big data analytics, such as tracking KPI and business performance, making decision, and hammering out branding strategies.

To be specific, WisersAnalytics mines data of business value from four aspects, providing multi-scenario and modular analysis for the brand. They include ROI analysis for accurate media strategies, spot-on content strategies to get customers’ attention, exacting assessment of the effectiveness of marketing/public relations activities, and the accurate positioning of the brand.

WisersAnalytics found from its analysis of Meipai and the beauty industry that Meipai stands out from mainstream media platforms, as celebrities and make-up demonstrations are no longer keys to a brand’s success. In the second quarter of 2018, only one of the Top 10 short video clips was about make-up demonstration, while half of them were posted by bloggers unrelated to the beauty industry. Here are some of the observations WisersAnalytics made about the variety of tactics employed by innovative videos on Meipai:

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on Meipai

Tactic 1: Many Taobao merchants have adopted Meipai as an important portal. Merchants try to increase exposure by sharing their products on Meipai. The posts usually come with their Taobao links, but they still attract millions of views, which means Meipai users don’t seem to mind the hard sell, which is in line with the trend of social commerce:

KOLs first attract a fleet of loyal followers through high-quality contents, and then sell all kinds of merchandises to them.

Tactic 1 of Meipai: Taobao merchants

The 5th ranking blogger even attracted a group of male followers by live-casting her daily life, thus bringing traffic to her skincare store.

Tactic 1 of Meipai: Taobao merchants

Tactic 2: On Meipai, claw machines have become big and some bloggers even took advantage of people’s curiosity to attract followers by launching claw machine games to hand out beauty products of big brand names.

Tactic 2 of Meipai: claw machine games

Besides bloggers’ videos, Meipai also set up virtual claw machines on hot-topic websites. It can be seen that many big brands have also jumped on the bandwagon to set up special areas for their products and add virtual claw machines to their official online stores.

Tactic 2 of Meipai: claw machine games


If traditional big beauty brand names do not want to be phased out in the face of new competition, they must either 1) make short videos that pinpoint the special features of their products, or 2) join the MCN. The era of fighting alone has long gone. One must adopt a tactic that is organized, pre-meditated and effective on a large population.

WisersAnalytics helps your branding strategies to reach out to the maximum number of people (MPV), as well as understand their interactive behavior online, discussion and sentiment. The data insights achieved through the evaluation of sales volume and consumers’ perception of product quality can help brands make the best business decisions.