With the advancement of Internet, data and cloud computing technologies, different industries have put their focus on artificial intelligence (AI). In the recently held Belt and Road Global Chambers of Commerce and Associations Conference (GCCAC), Director of Wisers AI Lab Dr. Chao He discussed investments in AI and how AI can help companies identify investment opportunities and risks, attracting keen interests from the attendees. In an interview with Huanqiu Net after the meeting, Dr. He introduced AI’s contribution to corporate development, as well as Wisers’ services. He also answered questions as to how AI could facilitate enterprises’ decision-making.

Continuous AI research and development to cope with massive media data   

People’s lives and forms of communication are rapidly changing, while social media plays an increasingly important role in business operation and our daily lives. When Wisers was established twenty years ago, the company only monitored data of 18 traditional media in Hong Kong. Since then, Wisers has collected huge data volume and about 50% of data were collected in the last two years, while our database continues to expand. Relying on manual classification and keyword scoring could no longer meet the demands for massive data, as enterprises are all for their different departments so as to seize opportunities and detect risks related to the market, sales and risk control.

Nowadays, it is hard to use simple technologies to sort out the required corporate information from the mass media data and link them up accurately. Dr. He said that Wisers AI Lab has had a clear positioning since the very beginning – focusing on the use of AI technology to conduct automated analysis and data mining on the media, in particular, natural language processing (NLP) and semantic analysis. After four years of development, Wisers has established a set of proprietary solutions to achieve the functions of search, mining, monitoring, analysis and forecasting of media information. Wisers has become a market leader with respect to Chinese text analysis.Wisers team clinched the top spot among 18 teams from China’s top universities in the category of Single Document Summarisation in the 7th International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing (NLPCC 2018).

Mining valuable data in cross-media data streams for customers

Dr. He told reporters that since the establishment of Wisers AI Lab in 2014, Wisers has been developing innovative AI technologies to analyze diversified real-world open-domain multimedia big data. He stated that the only objective of their researches, be them related to NLP or semantic analysis or the identification of images and videos, is to look for the most important, valuable and relevant data for clients. Meanwhile, the benchmark of measuring the performance of Wisers’ AI technologies is how successful are their applications in cross-domain multivariant data, rather than how good they are in analyzing some published small open data set in the laboratory stage. Wisers’ AI technologies have gained the recognition of many top international brands, media, and financial institutions thanks to their applications in the real world.

After four years of hard work, Wisers has developed industry-leading technologies in analysing Chinese text data, and the next step forward will be to apply them to the financial and marketing fields. By leveraging its data advantages and AI capabilities, the connection between customers’ internal data and external media data will be strengthened. “AI + Finance” and “AI + Marketing” smart solutions based on business needs could be implemented. Wisers will continue to work closely with other partners to complement each other and generate more “AI + Industry” smart solutions.

Maintaining Wisers’ leading position in the big data industry by monitoring the market from a development perspective

Dr. He believed that Wisers is able to maintain a leading position in the big data industry as it always monitors the market from the perspective of big data development. The DaaS business model layout is successfully completed through the thorough understanding of the following four elements in developing big data industry.

In terms of the accumulation of big data, Wisers’ continues to lead the industry thanks to its capabilities in data consolidation and architecture that can be incorporated with the latest data in a highly effective and timely manner. In terms of the innovative breakthrough of big data technology, from the Chinese search technology in the late 1990s to smart analytics in 2000 all the way to the establishment of Wisers AI Lab in 2014, Wisers has always been the first to push for technological transformations one to two years ahead of other companies.

In terms of two-way expansion of big data applications, Wisers fulfils the needs of media monitoring, data mining and deep insight in every industry by building dozens of vertical industry databases and knowledge labelling systems. The 9 categories and more than 30 sub-categories of media big data applications cover applications in enterprises, governments and institutions.

In terms of deepening the value of big data, WisersOne is positioned as a software platform in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. WisersAnalytics is positioned as a consultative product for market research and insights, while Wisers AI Lab targets smart technology and data output. With the comprehensive solution of the three products, Wisers helps clients realize the value of data.

New media, brand marketing and fintech are developing rapidly in China, while at Wisers, the only constant is its fast evolution to catch up with the trend. Dr. He is adamant that the company will continue to seek innovation and growth with its relentless pursuit of data sources, artificial intelligence technology, and analytical methodology as well as analytical products. Wisers would continue to develop more products suitable for financial and marketing industries, overcome the challenges with partners and improve decision-making capability for enterprises.