On Nov. 11, 2018, Wisers was invited to the “2018 Decathlon-Microsoft Intelligent Retail Hackathon”. The company won the award of “Overall Champion” by the virtue of the “Customized Smart Retail Solution Empowered by Big Data”, and standing out from other 8 competitors from the Microsoft local partnerships ecosystem. Build upon over 20 years experiences of the Chinese Media Data service, self-developed AI/NLP technology, and insightful intelligent enterprise solutions, the Wisers Information Limited has left a great impression to Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster visited Microsoft Shanghai Office during her global business trip. As the part of the key partnership meeting, Denise Che, the CEO of Wisers, Chesney Wong, the General Manager of AI Product and Solution, Chao He, Chief Scientist of Wisers AI Lab were all invited to the meeting with Microsoft team. Wisers team introduced their competitive advantages in data, AI technology and services, which has created a solid foundation of mutual-understandings over the two-sides, mutual-benefits between the two companies, and more possibilities of strategic collaboration in the future.

Wisers, on the meeting, took the DaaS, Intelligent Financial Solutions and Smart Retail Solution as the three representative cases to demonstrate the intelligent enterprise solutions from Wisers. Based on self-develop AI and NLP technologies, Wisers is capable of turning the unstructured raw data (unorganized text data in Chinese) into the organized data by “AI Analytics”, then output as the structured knowledge to help clients overcome the challenge of digitalization.

Wisers was built on the foundation of information process technology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has over 20 years of experiences of information technologies and insightful analysis. Wisers has the most advantage Chinese Media DataBase in the world, which covers over 570,000 sources of information, 85 articles, and over 96 million new articles added every single day. On 2014, the Wisers AI Lab founded in Hong Kong, which has set a new era that Wisers started to transfer the business model from data service to the AI products and solutions. The AI/NLP technologies by Wisers was also awarded by the academic community. Benefit by the “Automatic Summarization” technology, Wisers Information Limited has won the No.1 award in the NLPCC 2018, which has triumphed over 17 developer team from the world top range.

In the future, Microsoft and Wisers will be deeply working together and share resources over co-operating marketing campaign, and big-data and AI solution in verticals to discover more opportunities in the areas that both companies are specialized in.

As the senior executives always mentioned in their public speech “Microsoft will always be partner-led”, The ecosystem of Microsoft partnership is the key foundation of the Microsoft succeeds. According to the survey of IDC, for every $1 of Microsoft revenue, the partner ecosystem generates $9.64. As the development of digitalization will keep the increase in commercial revenue. Predicting to 2022, Microsoft partners will gain a doubled market opportunity in all than the previous data.

The partner conference “Microsoft Inspire” is hosted every year in Las Vegas, United States, the conference is designed in helping global partners build the business connection with each other, and develop more collaboration opportunities for mutual benefits. The “Microsoft Inspire” attracts over 10000 ecosystem partners every year.

Except for officially invited to this year’s “Microsoft Inspire”, the meeting also as the sign of the collaboration of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service. And Chesney Wong, the General Manager of AI Products and Solutions was also invited for the CCFA on the next month to share more intelligence enterprise solutions from Wisers to Microsoft partners.