The 13th China SMEs Annual Meeting in 2018, which was highly regarded by the Chinese private enterprise community, was held in Beijing on 23 November. Organised by the China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises (CASMCE) and China General Chamber of Commerce, the Meeting centered on the theme of 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up, introducing the entrepreneurial experience and stories of SMEs since the reform and opening up, and demonstrating the important contributions of SMEs to economic and social development. In the 20 years since its establishment, Wisers has ceaselessly explored, innovated and accumulated experience in providing intelligent media data services. Hence, we are able to meet the needs of enterprises in monitoring sentiments, exploring business opportunities and offering industry insights through our own products in the era of digital transformation. Our products and service experience helps SMEs quickly seize potential business opportunities in the process of digital transformation and social marketing, thus solving their actual needs. With our rich experience in media data services and our products are equipped with driving force for the development of SMEs in China, Wisers was invited by CASMCE to participate in the forum held on 23 November, which was themed on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the frontier of smart manufacturing. During the forum, Wisers shared with the participants how to make use of WisersOne, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence SaaS platform, in terms of the successful application of AI technology and big data by SMEs, in a bid to improve their business development.

As an expert of real-world, open-domain and cross-media big data, Wisers was jointly founded by the HKSAR Government and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1998. Over the past 20 years, Wisers has been providing innovative marketing solution services to over 2,500 clients around the world. Wisers is firmly committed to integrating the advantages of media big data and artificial intelligence technologies, empowering vertical industries in business practices, assisting corporate, government and institutional clients in monitoring the macro-environment and social sentiments, analysing market trends, identifying investment and business risks, gaining insights on consumer behaviors, habits and opinions, measuring dissemination and marketing effects and making accurate investments, predicting industry trends, uncovering potential opportunities, optimising decisions on products, etc.

All of this is made possible by three major business units of the company – WisersOne, the application software unit which provides one-stop source for PR, marketing and communications solutions; Wisers AI Lab, the AI business unit which is a platform for facilitating the operation of vertical industries; and WisersAnalytics, the research consulting business unit which interprets the business value behind big data.

With joint application of the three business units, Wisers has successfully provided services to many well-known corporations at home and abroad, such as China Merchants Bank, Coca-Cola, Jingdong and Tencent. Currently, many renowned companies have successively carried out digital transformation. As For SMEs, Wisers’ big data and artificial intelligence technologies can certainly enhance their competitiveness and business value. By continuously learning and analysing industry demands, exploring the trends and optimising product structure to suit client’s needs of various scales, Wisers strives to effectively help SMEs in quickly achieving digital transformation and prosperous development.

As a one-stop intelligence business big data platform, Wisers can help SMEs more effectively mine the underlying commercial value of data through precise business monitoring, AI intelligent business insight, AI intelligent business database, mass media big data and more.

Jensen Liu, Product Director of Wisers, demonstrated how WisersOne, a one-stop source for PR, marketing and communications solutions, could help SMEs grow. During the interactive session, the application scenario of accurate business monitoring of WiseSearch quickly attracted the audiences’ interest. The functional modules of WisersOne can present the hottest topics, sensitive stories, popular keywords and analysis of hotspots in a way for complicated data results to be understood by users at a glance. Liu also noted that Wisers’ products are supported by mass media data and world-leading artificial intelligence technology. By leveraging on WisersOne’s products, Liu hopes to empower the digital transformation and business development of SMEs, as well as contribute to SMEs’ business development via big data and artificial intelligence.

Rich data is indispensable to all of these application scenarios. There are 85 billion pieces of media information in Wisers’ database, and this number is still growing at a rate of 96 million pieces per day.

In addition, Wisers’ products are also integrated with a host of artificial intelligence technologies developed by Wisers AI Lab, such as sentiment analysis, critical event detection and tracking, topic classification, image recognition and knowledge graph, so as to maintain the leading position of the platform’s technology.

At present, China’s private enterprises are expanding and gradually making their way to the international stage, with the majority of them being SMEs. Upon the conclusion of this year’s meeting, the CASMCE will grant Wisers with a certificate to officially accept the company as a member. Henceforth, Wisers will continue to use AI technologies combined with big data sources, as well as empower data with artificial intelligence, to help SMEs grow and uncover new business forms and models and mine new opportunities. Wisers also offered each of the CASMCE members a free WisersOne account, in a bid to provide support to Chinese SMEs via practical actions.