2019 Cisco Greater China Data Center Partner Meeting titled “Win with Cisco Data Center” wrapped up in Qingdao on 28 June. The top brass from Cisco, Intel Corporation, and International Data Corporation (IDC) had an in-depth discussion on Internet trends and application of big data. Wisers Information Limited was also invited to the meeting to explore with other business leaders the application and development direction of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in different vertical industries.

Mr. Stephen Yan, Vice-President of Wisers

Mr. Stephen Yan, Vice-President of Wisers, shared with the audience his insights on the application of AI in natural language processing (AI/NLP). Taking AI Map as a framework, he introduced the application of the now rather well-developed AI technology in NLP, image identification, affective computing, and more. “80%-90% readily available data, including documents, reports, emails, images, and social media content, are unstructured, which could not be read and used simply by Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), thus limiting the potential value of these data,” he said. Meanwhile, analysing and exploring unstructured texts through AI/NLP and algorithm including Associative Analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER), Text Clustering, Sentiment Analysis and Topic Classification, could provide precise and concise insights into categorised data.

The technological concept could be applied to serve many industries, accelerating the digital transformation of businesses and institutions. Mr. Yan discussed two solutions for use in the retail and financial industries – Digital Smart Retail Solution and Smart Financial Solution. By leveraging the advantages of NLP, massive volumes of data could be processed expeditiously, and a typical solution for decision making could be generated based on the analysis results.

For the retail sector, the major challenge lies in the collection and analysis of a wide array of data covering consumers’ behaviour and feedback, word-of-mouth data of products, and after-sales services. In order to provide customers with digital analytics for decision-making, raw and unstructured data are consolidated, processed, and dissected expeditiously with AI models, thanks to which, retailers can make scientific business decisions, optimise after-sales services, upgrade their products, gain insights into consumer behaviour, and monitor the word-of-mouth performance of the brand.

In the financial context, there is a wealth of valuable information to be explored out of data produced every day by media ranging from macro-economic policies, international trade environment to world politics, financial regulations, and more. Based on pre-set risk monitoring indicators, media data can be quantified, allowing investment institutions and corporations to stay ahead of competition, have a firm grip on the macro environment, grasp signals from competitors and the investment market, in order to maximise their returns on investment.

Since its establishment in 1998, Wisers has successfully transformed from a traditional provider of media big data and public sentiment monitoring services into a network technology corporation, focusing on media data services, public sentiments searching, digitised marketing consultancy, market research, AI solutions, and more. Thanks to the collection of massive media data over the past 20 years, and the in-house developed AI text analysis models, Wisers excels in sharing and processing data among its business units, serving a wide variety of vertical industry brands and corporations, and catering to different needs of its customers.

This event has connected Wisers with Cisco and its data centre partners, and together we will explore e-solutions powered by AI and deep learning applications to facilitate business partners in problem solving. We will leverage our respective advantages, ride on the trend of digitalisation and capture opportunities to create value.