About Wisers

AI, Data and Human Analysts Enable Better Decision Making

At Wisers, we’re driven to help you use data to make smart decisions in Greater China, and to leverage AI to take your business to new levels of success. We have a twenty-year track record of innovation and insight, founded with pioneering technology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and and with support from the Innovation & Technology Fund of the SAR Government.

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The solutions on our WisersOne platform provide actionable insights, market intelligence and custom reports used by our more than 2,500 enterprise customers worldwide.

Our Chinese data set is the world’s largest, with over 470,000 sources ranging from print, to web, social media, and business databases. On average, 68 million new items are added each day, with an archive of over 59 billion licensed and reliable items reaching back to 1979.

We continuously develop advanced technologies that power our solutions, including:

  • Proprietary, scalable Chinese-language content aggregation

  • Intelligent AI

  • Information processing

  • Search and infrastructure

Our leading-edge solutions are enhanced by the skills and experience of our business research and industry analysts who train the engines and refine our capabilities.

Our team of more than 900 people in 9 offices across Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China continuously innovates, and collaborates with top notch academic institutions, to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), language taxonomy, image recognition and emerging data technologies.


From Academic Research Roots to World-leading Intelligence Provider

Starting with a search engine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wisers has grown into the world’s leading provider of Chinese media and business intelligence. Along the way, we have partnered with many leading companies and academic institutions, and been recognized for our achievements.

Research and business partnerships

China Business Network (CBN)
National Business Daily

University Partnerships

University of Oxford
Princeton University
Harvard University

Media and Data

Sina Weibo
The Financial Times

Awards & Recognition

We are honored to be recognized by industry leaders for our commitment to excellence.