Financial Risk Intelligence with DaaS

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Monitor risks and opportunities for the Chinese markets at a different level through data signals and knowledge graphs specifically built for FRI. Artificial intelligence technologies from Wisers AI Lab is heavily applied to turn unstructured raw data into structured intelligence and insights.

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Many financial institutions store their client data on-premises but lack either AI and big data analytical capabilities or the human expertise to turn raw data into valuable financial and risk intelligence.

Our AI Lab’s comprehensive text analysis technology offering takes the workload of processing and structuring data off your hands and channels financial services business intelligence back to you, as part of our comprehensive Data as a Service (DaaS) solution.

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Intelligent Financial Solutions


Manage Risks and Assets

  • Track negative company and stakeholder news across various media channels using big data.
  • Investigate relationships between companies, events, and people such as executives, shareholders and others.
  • Screen news for possible customer violations and activities such as lawsuits, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Explore potential risks — and opportunities for upside — in real time to protect corporate governance, control financial risk, manage assets and enable financial supervision.


  • WiseEvent AI Driven Financial News Monitoring & Intelligence SaaS Platform
  • WiseKG Business Knowledge Graph

Investment Intelligence

  • Dynamic Investment Intelligence tracks financial news such as management changes, share prices, market trends, securities market irregularities, legal disputes, mergers and acquisitions, new government regulations and other negative news that can cause financial market volatility.
  • Investors get timely access to accurate, well-structured media information to help them make investment decisions or build quantitative models.
  • Investor relations departments of listed companies can obtain timely reports about company news that can possibly impact the stock price, enabling them to respond.


  • WiseInvest Customizable Investment Intelligence Data Feed
  • WiseInvest Listed Company Investment Index Data Feed

Regulatory Financial Solutions

  • Intelligent supervision automatically analyzes information about regulated companies that is disclosed in various channels (e.g. news, announcements and annual reports)
  • Clustering and correlation analysis of data such as revenue and shareholder information determines whether the information disclosed is consistent or if there are violations.


  • WiseRegulate Customizable Regulatory Data Feed & Analytical API Services

Key Features

AI Trained on Big Data to Label Your Data Accurately

  • Integrate public social media data with labels you can use into your IT systems and share it among your business divisions.
  • Our award winning Chinese linguistics AI helps you gain insights and analyze market sentiment accurately in near real time.
  • Private two-way exchange of data via API, independent of our media intelligence platform. Our application programming interface can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

Uncover relationships through event monitoring

  • Discover potential risks and new revenue sources amid a sea of data that are too resource-intensive to identify without AI, big data analytics and Chinese linguistics expertise combined.
  • Uncover the data relationships and insights between companies, people, as well as events.
  • Pinpoint negative issues accurately with our subject based sentiment engines built for the finance sector.

World’s Largest Media Database for Banking and Finance Intelligence

  • Receive global finance and banking industry news in near-real-time.
  • Our AI-driven algorithms — supplemented by Wisers experts – analyze, filter and label content from 470,000+ international and Greater China sources to deliver intelligence that would otherwise be unobtainable.
  • Track news about management changes, equity and market movement, violations of securities regulations, legal disputes, mergers & acquisitions, and new government policies and regulations.
  • Create portfolios of companies to follow and set criteria to monitor and discover relationships and correlations in the data set.
  • Monitor comprehensive stock market news from 5,400+ listed companies in Hong Kong, China & Taiwan.
  • Easily add any customized topic labels with our AI topic tagging technology.

Enhanced Know Your Client (KYC) Insights

  • Check Chinese media coverage and monitor for negative news regarding companies of interest to your business such as clients, prospects and their associates for good governance, risk management and compliance purposes.
  • Identify high-risk contacts. Uncover criminal connections before you engage in business with them.
  • Screen clients for any news linking them to regulatory breaches, lawsuits, money laundering, and terrorist financing.
  • Find out if your prospective clients have been investigated for corruption by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of China (CCDI).
  • Prepare accurate and timely due diligence reports and flag cases that require further investigation.

Reduce Your Risk Exposure

  • Keep informed about adverse risks via ongoing news monitoring and ad-hoc searches to perform risk assessments.
  • Quickly evaluate your portfolios with an up-to-date and complete view of their status and shifts in risk.
  • Proactively monitor your loan portfolios for negative news to identify potential risks.
  • Spot the obligors who exhibit risk attributes and investigate any adverse news related to them.

Safeguard Your Data Security and Regulatory Requirements

  • All Wisers servers are in a secured network zone and protected by the firewall, either in our data centres or on the cloud.
  • All data transmitted on the Internet between you and Wisers is protected and encrypted through HTTPS.
  • Dedicated and professional system team ensures all software and servers are up-to-date with necessary security patches against cyber-attacks.
  • Suspicious activities and unauthorized actions are detected in the history of changes.
  • Public unauthorized access, such as search engine crawlers, is prohibited.