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We improve clients business performance through data and analytics. Our solutions range from providing a KPI-based review of your brand to help you make day-to-day decision, to a comprehensive review of your entire sector to guide your strategic direction.

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Wisers’ proprietary AIDA (AI-powered Digital Analytical) model precisely tracks and delivers insights at every step through the customer journey from Awareness, Interest, Desire, to Action. AIDA provides valuable data on audiences, their interaction with brands, purchase desire, sentiment, and their ultimate action. WisersAnalytics provides industry benchmarking, best practices, and consumer insights tailored to specific clients’ business questions. We integrate social and media data with sources as diverse as the weather and clients’ internal data to uncover insights. Our insights impact every aspect of growing clients’ business, from market dynamics, content / channel strategy, to measuring success.
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The AIDA methodology delivers insights throughout your customer’s journey

Solutions Overview

Our insights impact every aspect of growing clients’ business, from market dynamics, content marketing, media consultancy, to measuring brand health.

Bespoke Solutions –
Client Engagement Process

We understand your business questions are unique, we welcome your inquiries on how we can best tailor-made a solution that best address your needs.

WisersAnalytics add value to marketers’ decision making throughout their day and across their responsibilities

Attend a strategy meeting with my
regional boss

  • Present my new product plan,
    positioning and channel strategy
  • How to attract target Chinese
    consumers / tourists?

How WisersAnalytics helps
Provides insights on category landscape, trends, Chinese Daigou behavior, and recommends ways to refine your new product plan strategies

Confirm digital marketing plan for an existing product (digital takes up 80% of this brand’s advertising budget)

  • Confirm key communication
  • Decide which influencer to best represent my brand

How WisersAnalytics helps
Provides insights on consumers’ top interests about your category / brand, recommends list of potential influencers based on fans size, engagement level, and relevance to your brand

Team meeting to review last quarter’s performance

  • Evaluate ROI of the latest
    campaign, benchmark
  • Prepare performance report

How WisersAnalytics helps
Provides brand performance metrics using AIDA, campaign evaluation, learnings from competition