At the Microsoft Annual Channel kick-off 2015 held on 11 Sep 2015, Wisers was featured as an ISV showcase.

During the showcase session, Ada Chow, Head of Sales at Wisers, briefed the partnership between Microsoft and Wisers to integrate Wisers Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM outperforms other CRM solutions with intelligence powered by Wisers.  Salespeople get access to complete business intelligence including company news and information, business contacts, industry news, buzz about the company and more, enabling them better understand customers and sell better.

Many attendees were impressed by intelligence offered with the new CRM solution and visited Wisers booth for a live demo after the keynote session.

Ada Chow (right), Head of Sales at Wisers, chit-chated with Joelle Woo (left), Director – Business Development & Developer Experience at Microsoft.

Wisers display booth attracted a lot of visitors.