Wisers Information Limited was invited to attend the 2015 annual conference of the European Association of Sinological Librarians(EASL), at Dickson Poon China Centre, University of Oxford on 9th – 11th September, 2015.

More than 30 scholars and librarians from the major institutions in Europe attended the conference to share their great thoughts and idea. Wisers has been glad to be one of them.

Being the world’s leading database of Greater China news and information, Wisers supports scholars in Chinese and Asian studies by provide tremendous information and resource to facilitate their researches. With the unrivalled database and solution focusing the academic industry, Wisers has long been one of the most trustworthy solutions for the scholars.

During the conference, we set up a live demo counter to show how Wisers help gathering information for their research and they are impressed by how easy they could get the important information to save their time and efforts.

In the conference, the CEO of the company, Ms. Denise Che, shared the concept and development of Wisers to cope with the needs for various industries including academic institutions. The participants are surprised by the capacity of Wisers and how much focus we are concentrating on each specific industry.

Through this event, we would like to spread the popularity of Wisers and let the overseas students and scholars to know this useful solution for their daily use and research purpose. In the future, we are planning to participate more actively in the academic sector to facilitate the researches in both local and overseas institutions.